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  • There are 3 Factions in New World:

    There are three factions in New World: The Marauders, the Syndicate, and the Alliance. Accounts.Games shows you how these work and how they are organized.

    In New World from Amazon Game Studios, you join a faction around level 10. You can find out what this means in detail here.

    New World factions at a glance:

    • The Marauders: Want to establish a free nation and are an unscrupulous military power.
    • The Syndicate: This faction is more focused on secrecy. She works cunningly, intellectually and is on the lookout for forbidden knowledge. You want to usher in a new Age of Enlightenment.
    • The Alliance: This order is made up of fanatics. They see their task in freeing the country from heretics and molesters. This is to allow the true sacred nature of the land to blossom and justice to prevail.

    The choice of the faction is binding: Once you have decided on a faction in New World, there is no turning back. For this reason, Amazon Games decided to postpone the parliamentary group election to a later date. From level 10 you have the option to choose a faction.

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    1 Area control

    The more areas that are controlled by a faction, the better bonuses there are for your character. The goal of a faction is to control as many areas as possible in Aeternum. The area control has a direct effect on your character, the more areas are controlled by the faction you belong to, the more effective you are in fighting monsters in Aeternum

    There are the following advantages for the leading parliamentary group:

    • You can find more resources
    • You make equipment and weapons of higher quality
    • You have better luck looting monsters
    • The more territories your faction owns, the more powerful you are in the world of New World.

    For Amazon Game Studios, the 3 faction system is the core of PvP content in New World. Due to the 3 faction system, there are clear motives in the conflict between them for each side. So every player knows who belongs to him and who is hostile to him.

    2 Advantages of the factions

    In addition to the advantages in everyday play, from this point on you are also able to join a company (guild). From this point on, you can go to your faction representative in the settlements and take on other missions for which you receive faction tokens. These faction brands can e.g. Exchange for special equipment or get the Azoth staff.

    3 Capture an area with a faction

    Gaining influence: In order to take the territory of an enemy with your company, you have to declare war on them. The declaration of war is only available to you if the area is prone to a declaration of war. For this it has to e.g. be undermined by an opposing faction.

    In order to be able to hold a conquered area, the members of the controlling faction must actively strengthen their influence in this area. Conversely, the opposing factions must also increase their influence in order to weaken the controlling faction. The faction influence is regulated by the faction PVP missions in the respective area.

    4 Faction missions for PvE and PvP

    In New World a distinction is made between PvE and PvP farction missions. PvE missions bring you faction tokens with which you can buy equipment, weapons and other items. Most missions revolve around killing monsters, collecting / hoarding materials & resources or producing items / supplies.

    In PvP missions, on the other hand, you have to collect tactical information, bring important messages or items to an opposing area. There is also the task of patrolling an area and tracking down players from the hostile faction. With the PvP missions you do not get tokens as with the PvE missions, but these missions generate faction influence in the respective area of the mission.

    5 Declare war on an area

    If your faction has managed to weaken an opposing area so much, then it is possible to declare war on the companies. The declaration of war is not immediately available. One of the companies is then chosen at random from all companies and the attackers are selected as the vanguard. Small companies have the opportunity to expand their military power with volunteers