We wonder what is the community playing while waiting for Ahes of Creations and New World?

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The preview ended just a few days ago (we reported about it) and even if New World is not perfect, we are missing it a little and we are bored. How is that up to date with you? Do you have any tips that will shorten the waiting time for us and others in the network?

Since there is already a similar thread in the forum, we wanted to take this question as an opportunity to turn it into a somewhat larger topic and at the same time to publish it as news. We promise you it is worthwhile to take an active part with us. We are currently testing AGN Coins as a system. This means that you can now generate AGN Coins with a few pages of action, with these you can buy various items (both virtual and hardware goodies) in our shop. There will be a separate news item including F.A.Q in the next few days.

We also want to point out again that we will be launching our first competition on the Accounts.Games Network shortly. There will also be more news on this in the next few days. Read more here. Competition starts soon

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Als leidenschaftlicher MMORPG Spieler freue auch mich schon auf New World und Ashes of Creation. somit sauge ich alles an News auf und bereite diese für euch wieder auf.

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