New World developers reveal to Youtubers what will be changed after the preview.

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For a week, selected players (pre-orderers of New World - Standard and Deluxe Edition) were allowed to play in New World and give their feedback on the new MMORPG from Amazon Game Studios. We from Accounts.Games were there too, smashed our heads with other editors, influencers and developers in a siege battle and then created a new character and plunged into the adventure on the island of Aeternum for a few hours.

The feedback from us and many other participants in the preview event can be summarized as follows: New World has a lot of potential and is already fun, but there are also a few things that should be changed before the release.

In an interview with the streamers Rich W. Campbell and Asmongold, lead game designer Mike Willette spoke specifically about which areas of the game should be specifically improved based on the feedback from the preview event. In the following we have summarized the most important findings from the conversation for you. Then you will find the recording of the interview.

  • The preview event had only one goal: We only wanted to let part of the community loose on the game to find out what the community liked, what needs to be improved and what the community hated the most. On the basis of this feedback, Amazon Game Studios intends to make changes and improvements until the release, whereby it must be noted that the priorities of these changes and improvements depend on the specific player feedback. Mike Willette also says players shouldn't expect dragons, dinosaurs or other animals to suddenly appear everywhere. In concrete terms, this means that basic systems in New World remain as they are.
  • Probably the biggest point of criticism from the community was the size of the world map. Mike Willete says that the map will be expanded until the release, but this is no reason to assume that the map will be extremely enlarged. We at Accounts.Games already have one or more ideas on how you don't necessarily have to enlarge the map, but how you can expand it almost infinitely, more on that soon.
  • Do you want to know everything about New World? We recently wrote about "Is the New World map too small? Player walks through the map and shows that the map is currently tiny. You want to know more? Check out our news or our forum.

Do you want to know everything about New World? We recently wrote about "Is the New World map too small? Player walks through the map and shows that the map is currently tiny". You want to know more? Check out our news or our forum.

  • Mike Willete also commented on the point of criticism that the quests in New World would be mercilessly boring and monotonous, which we at Accounts.Games also agree with. According to Mike Willette, the preview version that we were allowed to examine in the last preview event is a version of New World that is several months old. He promises in the release version of New World this monotonous quest like "Kill this and that", "Collect this and that" will no longer exist to this extent. We at Accounts.Games are looking forward to it
  • The community also wanted more variety in the world of Aeternum, with the opponents, with the biomes and so on, Mike Willette has a positive answer for us here too. His statement: There will be more variety in these areas of the game at the release.
  • The lead game designer also says that you shouldn't forget that New World is an MMORPG, which will be provided with updates and further or new content beyond the launch / release.
  • The goal of the New World developers is that even with reaching the maximum level of 60 you still have goals in the game. It can be a matter of becoming a master of your craft in order to be able to produce the best objects in a targeted manner. Still others may have their goals in PvP and domination of areas etc.
  • For the end game, the New World developers still have a lot to offer that we haven't been allowed to see yet. More open world content, challenges that I give you and your group in zb. Instances can lead.
  • When it comes to tuning, there is still a lot of work for the developers, such as adjusting the level of difficulty or the level curve. We are also working on balancing weapons and skills.
  • Amazon Games Studios also wants to take a closer look at the global cooldowns. The combat system should still not feel like "Skill Spam", but the logic behind it should be made more accessible to the players. Skill will continue to play a major role in New World.
  • Furthermore, mounts are still a big topic in New World, the advantage of mounts is clearly that they can get from A to B quickly. Even if traveling on "foot" feels endless in New World, we suspect that with the introduction of mounts, the map will probably feel even smaller than it already does. There is also the risk that, due to the faster travel speed, you could simply ride past interesting places without exploring them further. Amazon Games Studios does not seem to have made a final decision yet
  • There is a lot of discussion about mounts. One advantage of mounts is, of course, that you can get from A to B faster. At the same time, it also makes the world appear smaller and increases the chance that you will simply ride past exciting places instead of exploring them more closely. A final decision does not seem to have been made here.

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