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First of all we would like to apologize for the fact that the link on our New World Teaser page incorrectly referred to an outdated test page for several days. This was fixed in the last update and all links on the left now also lead to the correct destination.

2. Design

We have adapted many little things to the design especially for us. This can lead to errors or misrepresentation here and there. If you notice any design errors, don't be afraid to let us know.

Badges were changed from dark to light and noticeable (in various areas of the network)

New posts in the forum, marking has been improved so that it is easier to distinguish between what has already been read and what is new.

Page-wide links have been optimized in terms of color so that they stand out better from text.

Originally it was planned to leave the top header empty or only to provide it with a simple text logo. The formerly empty area is now adorned with what we think is a suitable network logo. How do you like it ?

We had to fix several design errors in the clan / guild / company database or adapt parts of it and reintegrate them.

3. Other

Perhaps you have already read the news about the competition or its announcement. We point out that this is currently in preparation, according to the motto "it's done when it's done". We will announce more information on this shortly. Be sure to keep your beta screens videos etc ready;)

In addition to New World, Accounts.Games - Netzwerk also hosts other games. We are currently preparing everything for the launch of the teaser page for Ashes of Creations. Here, too, we currently do not have an exact date by when the work on this will be completed and published. So please be patient. Meanwhile, use our Discord server. Submit wiki contributions, take an active part on our side, our network.

In the future we want to offer a further service to guilds / clans / companies that register themselves in our database. Your guild doesn't have its own page, no forum through which you can communicate "out of game"? No problem with creating your guild, a forum for your guild will be created directly in the future and you decide for yourself whether you want to use this or not. You also have the option of creating your own pages that you can freely design. If you have any questions about this, don't be afraid to contact us.


About the Author

Als leidenschaftlicher MMORPG Spieler freue auch mich schon auf New World und Ashes of Creation. somit sauge ich alles an News auf und bereite diese für euch wieder auf.

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