Accounts.Games is a gaming network that is currently home to the upcoming MMORPGs Ashes of Creations and New World

Accounts.Games - Network was developed by gamers for gamers, which works closely with the developers of our currently hosted games to provide you with the latest news about your favorite game. In addition to news, our network offers you popular functions that you also know from Facebook and co, a guild database, a constantly growing wiki for all our games, we support Twitch streamers who can host their streams directly with us and thus one or the other To get viewers, we primarily only host Twitch channels that are mainly concerned with our games.

News awaits you on Accounts.Games - Network Guides | Guilds | Wiki | Youtube | Twitch for the games Ashes of Creations, New World and Lord of the Rings Online (Amazon Studios - currently in development). Accounts.Games - Network will integrate further games in the future, but for the time being we want to limit ourselves exclusively to these 2 or 3 games in the MMORPG area, in order to provide you with high-quality content in advance and not with 0815 content that you can get on any page supply.

Accounts.Games - Network offers you a lot more, among other things we have our own currency which you can generate through activity on our website and buy various goodies with it. The goodies are not only virtual goods but also physical goods, depending on which we will expand and expand this offer. Currently you can already buy 1 of 5 available New World Steelbooks.

Accounts.Games - Network will constantly expand and change its offer. As a relatively young network, we are currently in a "discovery phase" in which we try some things out but also remove some things because they do not fit into our concept as desired or do not integrate into the system as we imagined, of course under involvement of the community. We will also consider how we can involve the community in such tests in the future, since we are currently carrying out tests with "external" testers who, however, mostly have little to do with the topic of "games". So let yourself be surprised what else may come.

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